Tuesday, September 6th- Présentations- Déroulement année- Classroom English : list of objects in the classroom

Homework Wednesday : Worksheet

Wednesday, September 7th- Correction Classroom English worksheet 1 + 2 / Sentences : Can you lend me a sheet of paper / Can I borrow a sheet of paper?

Début We Won't Leave our Jobs. What type/kind of document is it? an article which is written by ... Lecture : WHO/WHERE/WHEN/WHAT- Correction WHO

Tuesday, September 13th- Article about child workers/labourers/ about children who work in India. Millions of children are employed under 14/ below 14

but it's illegal to make children work / it's forbidden to oblige children to work/it's not allowed to force children to work, that's why the Indian authorities arrived in factories unexpectedly / carried out raids to save / rescue the children.

Wednesday, September 14th- l. 7 to 14- TE : The parents are so poor / destitute / deprived that they force their children to work even in awful conditions to earn money. (oral : much/many, unhealthy/health, salary, wage, pay, dawn, dusk, feed, in order to)

Homework : finish writing the summary using from ... until ..., badly paid, pay (noun)

Tuesday, September 20th- They work many hours from dawn until dusk (from the morning until the evening) but they are badly paid, they earn a very low wage, salary, pay. After the raid the children were taken to a shelter but some of them were unhappy because they wanted to keep working. If they don't work, they can't earn money to feed their families and themselves. They need to work to survive that's why some children have tried to escape / run away from the shelter.

Wednesday, September 21st- Lesson test + TE : Mohammad told the journalist that he was 16 but he was probably 9, so he lied about his age as he wanted to keep working. He didn't have the choice : thanks to his wage, his family could eat.

Homework Tuesday : Exercise : Write complex sentences

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