Wednesday, September 7th- Présentations- Déroulement année- Début Classroom English : list of objects in the classroom.

Worksheet : Sentences with these objects : example : Put your papers / the litter in the bin (autres phrases non corrigées)

Thursday, September 8th- Correction sentences / + Worksheet : situations / Début texte : We Won't leave our jobs : This document is an article which was written by Geeta Pandey. Geeta Pandey wrote this article in 2005.

Friday, September 9th- This text is about children who work in India, in homes and factories. It's illegal/forbidden/prohibited to employ children under/below the age of 14 but millions of children are employed (passive form). Employing children under 14 is not allowed, but children work.

Wednesday, September 14th- Lesson test-

Consequently, the Delhi police organised / carried out raids to rescue / save the children: they went to the factories, stopped the children from working and probably arrested the employers to stop child labour.

Oral : l. 7 to 14 : Who + The children work in unhealthy conditions, dreadful, horrible, terrible conditions (cf voir la différence entre badly et bad).

Thursday, September 15th- Correction test / TE : The children work in awful / dreadful / horrible / terrible conditions : they work many hours and don't earn much money / earn little money / earn a low salary / wage / pay.

Homework : finish the summary : the children's parents are ... poor ... they ... (4 possibilities) + 1 sentence with poverty.

Friday, September 16th- Parents are forced to send their children to work because of poverty. They are so poor that they need to ... Children are obliged to work because / as / since their parents are too poor to feed them. The children need to work to survive.

L. 16 to 24- Who, where, when, what : oral : The children were rescued by Pratham volunteers and now they are in a shelter but they're unhappy, they want to go back to work : if they can't work, they can't earn money.

Wednesday, September 21st- TE l.16 to 24 After the raid, the police sent the children to a shelter to protect them but some of them were unhappy, they wanted to go back to work because if ...

l. 25 to the end : TE Mohammad looked 9 but he told the journalist he was 16 to keep working : he didn't have the choice : he needed to work to feed his family.

Friday : Evaluation : CE

Thursday, September 22nd- Fin texte : According to the journalist the raids don't work because the children don't have the choice : they have to work to survive.

Worksheet : ex 1+2+writing newpaper articles + V-ing in subjects (phrases personnelles non corrigées)

Friday, September 23rd- Test CE Iqbal Masih

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