Friday, September 9th- Letters of apology- an email sent / written by ... to ... because she didn't attend her teacher's lesson / she didn't go to class / she missed her lesson, so she wants to apologise = say sorry.(TE) / oral : a letter sent by ... to ... because she disobeyed her teacher, it's forbidden to chew gum in class but she did it / chewing gum in class is not allowed. Expressions showing regret : I shouldn't have chewed / adjectives describing attitude : disrespectful / immature

Homework : Friday, Sept 16th- Worksheet.

Friday, September 16th- Worksheet 1) SHOULD HAVE + Vpp 2) Writing letters : ending formulas

Video : Corey Delaney : hypotheses : about a party which went wrong / turned out badly. The partygoers probably drank too much / many empty bottles /

The organizer's parents probably didn't know about this party. Audio : 500 people / in someone's house /

Friday, September 23rd- Corey Delaney, a 16-year-old Australian sent an invitation on the web and 500 partygoers showed up / turned up, they destroyed the neighbours' gardens, wrecked his own house and smashed the windows of the police cars. Before posting his invitation, he waited for his parents to go on holiday, so they didn't know what had happened / that he had organized a party. 


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