Tuesday, September 6th- Présentations- Déroulement année- enjeux.

Friday, September 8th- Alex Economou took a gap year / took a year off / took a break and went to foreign countries / went abroad

to help disadvantaged (+synonyms) people / to discover a new way of life, new customs. Maybe he was tired of studying, that's why he stopped his studies for a

while to travel far from his native country. Maybe he had enough of / he was bored with / he was fed up with ... Maybe he didn't know what he wanted to do / he

didn't have any idea about ... he didn't have the slightest idea about ... Definitions of a gap year.

Thursday, September 13th- He lived in basic conditions nevertheless / and yet / however it was a great / amazing / awesome / gratifying / rewarding experience.

even though / even if / in spite of / despite

Chris and Alex both lived in a Buddhist temple / both of them lived ... Neither Chris nor Alex will forget this experience, it was unforgettable.

oral : they had to get used to new customs / boil

Homework : write one sentence with nevertheless, one with even though, one with despite + neither.

Friday, September 16th- Correction phrases. Tourists have to boil the water in Sri Lanka not to be sick / in order not to / so as not to have stomach / belly / tummy problems / to avoid being sick but Chris and Alex got used to drinking unboiled water without being sick. Fin etude paragraphe + Fiche reading strategies. Début list evrything they have done in Sri Lanka : they have helped the locals to build toilets, they have met people, they have learnt about women's rights and agricultural techniques. Début étude harvest.

Homework : 2 worksheets : be used to / get used to + advice to tourists.

Tuesday, September 20th- Correction be/get used to + advice (should)

List of everything Chris and Alex have done in Sri Lanka : they have harvested rice.

But in spite of / despite all their efforts, they didn't manage to be integrated / they didn't succeed in being integrated because the culture is very different and they'll always be considered as outsiders, foreigners / the Sri Lankans will always consider them as outsiders.

Début video The advantages of a gap year.


Homework : Tuesday, September 27th : lesson test + writing test / Friday, September 30th : Reading test to do at home

Friday, September 23rd- Video about the advantages of a gap year : skeptical / worried / it could / may be more difficult to resume their studies after a gap year. / One teacher believes if there's something they want to do, they should do it, she advises students to travel.

script video.ppt

Distribution texte A gap year abroad : find the benefits...

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